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Plus, we told some of our friends about the experience as well which may deter them from going there in the future as well. If I were the restaurant owner, I probably would have let the coupon slide. But why take the chance in the first place?

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Why impose artificial rules that could potentially piss off a customer? A customer is a customer and you should provide them with the same level of care, especially if you want them to come back. So why do businesses treat Groupon customers differently? For example if you go to a hair salon, you may only be eligible for a junior stylist. If you go to a spa, your coupon may not be eligible for certain treatments.

What is the point of segregating your customers? If your business is going to sell a Groupon, make sure the customer experience is memorable and that you have some way of standing out among the competition. If you own a restaurant, make sure the customer gets a taste of your signature dish.

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If you own a service, make sure you emphasize why you are special. Now why would I go back to a restaurant with just mediocre food and pay full price?

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  8. Word of advice. You will not get repeat customers this way.

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    Instead of trying to scrape every last dollar from your customer to make up for the heavy discount, why not try something different? Instead of skimping out on your Groupon customers, why not give them the royal treatment? The primary purpose of Groupon and Living Social is to provide additional marketing for your business so you should write everything off as a marketing expense.

    Face the facts! You are probably going to lose money in the short term! Your main goal is to try and drive repeat business so you should go out of your way and lay out the red carpet for your Groupon customers. If a customer comes to your restaurant with a Groupon, give them a free dessert!

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    The amount of buzz that you will generate from going out of your way to please a Groupon customer will amplify your word of mouth marketing. Try to stand out among all of the other businesses who are going about it all wrong! In this 6 day mini course, I reveal the steps that my wife and I took to earn thousand dollars in the span of just a year.

    Best of all, it's free and you'll receive weekly ecommerce tips and strategies! I also have experienced very poor service at restaurants when using the Groupon, so I have stopped purchasing them completely. So I gather you would never go back to these places again right? We have used Groupon once or twice, but I had never heard of Living Social. They want to know you are Groupon customer so they can upsell you additional services.

    I once bought a Groupon for a one hour hair treatment and had to sit through constant upsells of skin care and hair products. If it continues like it has been, then I see Groupon as a passing fad. BTW, missed you during office hours last night. I thought you were going to attend. I found this out when looking into doing a Groupon for my own business.

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    Businesses using Groupon received nearly zero repeat business a result of their offer. This is why people are trying to make a profit on the front-end, because there is no back-end, ultimately. But I think the real issue here lies with Groupon. They are going to have to find a way to make the customer experience better and help the business find a way to keep the customers coming back.

    I was under the impression that the whole point of these services was to get repeat customers. I actually found a decent restaurant through Groupon that I plan on going to again but in general most places are forgettable, especially the spas and massage therapists. By Andrew Maff , on November 6th, , Marketing. Groupon is an effective advertising platform for small businesses looking to gain exposure, enhance brand recognition, acquire new customers, and push inventory.

    Make sure you don't lose money with the popular coupon app

    With nearly 53 million users , Groupon offers a breadth of loyal consumers eager and excited to try new products and services. But how do you advertise on Groupon in an effective way? This guide will walk you through the basics you need to know about launching a successful Groupon campaign that will show long-term results for your business. Groupon is a deal site that advertises discounted products and services to local customers. They offer a wide variety of discounts from gyms and health spas to products and vacations.

    Learn more about the specifics of selling on Groupon with our Selling Marketplace Series here. You list an advertisement for a single product or service on Groupon. The product is discounted, and Groupon shows this discount with the original price and the percentage taken off. This creates a sense of exclusivity, especially for discount shoppers. Most Groupon deals usually have a time limit as well, which encourages urgency for customers to buy.

    What to Do With Your Expired Groupon Deals – 8 Proven Strategies

    Interested customers will purchase the product or service up front, similar to a gift certificate. Most Groupon coupons expire after about 6 or 12 months without redemption. Once a customer redeems the Groupon with you, you have the freedom to try to retain that customer as your own. Unlike most other platforms, Groupon encourages you to use their service as a way to turn first-time customers into long-term clientele. Groupon requires no upfront fees or costs to list your advertisement.

    However, Groupon takes a significant chunk from your revenue. Still, think of Groupon expenses as customer acquisition costs. You want to balance the upfront costs with the lifetime value of your customers. Because customers pay upfront, you still make money—without actually expending any on the product or service.

    The profit made on these unredeemed coupons can help offset some of the margin loss from the Groupon. Not all businesses do well on Groupon. Our updates include many new features, improvements and bug fixes. With these kinds of deals, why not all three? I find Groupon deals great value for money and they also offer some of the loveliest places to visit. We love to treat our family once a week to a day out so having a Groupon deal means we can have a lovely time , great service and fab food and it never breaks the bank.

    We always reward the staff at the venues for their excellent service and quality. Keep up the good work Groupon-through the recession - we still managed to have nice times at a very fair price. Thank you from the Cannon family. Love Groupon can do my Christmas gift shopping from the comfort of my home no sitting in long traffic jams or circling car parks for car spaces not to mention no waiting on cues in stores to buy and no need long hours going from store to store!