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Another plus, says Levin, is that buying the CD at a substantial discount gives you bigger bang for your buck at maturity. McBride says zero-coupon CDs are best suited to investors who are saving for long-term, targeted goals such as buying a house. You can buy them with modest deposits. Compare CD products on Bankrate.

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    Difference Between a Zero Coupon CD & a Bond | Finance - Zacks

    Should you dive into liquid CDs? A zero coupon CD is generally considered a more secure investment than a bond, because it is issued by large banks and credit institutions, which are considered more financially secure than private companies. A bond is only as secure as the company or governmental entity that issues it. Although the company or government entity is legally bound to repay the bond and the interest, this may be impossible if the issuer goes bankrupt or is liquidated.

    The risk associated with the bond will naturally depend on the stability of the company issuing it. The repayment of interest on a bond will depend on the terms set out in the bond agreement itself, but they're usually paid out periodically -- such as once or twice a year. With a zero coupon CD, interest is paid out with the principal as a lump sum at the end of the fixed period.

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    Bonds often yield a higher rate of interest than zero coupon CDs to reflect the increased risk associated with this form of investment. Although interest on a zero coupon CD isn't paid until the fixed period expires, tax on the interest accrued must be paid annually, as if the interest had been paid out to the account holder.

    Income generated by bonds is also taxed at the bondholder's regular rate. An investor looking for a safe, long-term way to save money with a solid return might favor a zero coupon CD over a bond. But if regular interest repayments and the opportunity to publicly trade the security are important to the investor, and she doesn't mind exposing herself to greater risk, she might prefer investing in bonds. Conor Breslin is a solicitor in the Republic of Ireland. Make sure your selection starts and ends within the same node.

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    Plus sides of zero-coupon CDs

    Please find latest cd rates. Most people are familiar with traditional CDs: you deposit a fixed amount of money into a certificate of deposit for a set amount of time, and you receive a fixed, pre-determined interest rate in return. At the end of the CD term, you have the option of cashing out or rolling the CD over into another term.

    But did you know there are other types of CDs available, called brokered CDs?

    Bonds vs. CDs – What You Need to Know and Which You Should Invest In

    One type of brokered CD is called a zero-coupon CD. These CDs are eligible for FDIC insurance but only at the amount of the original price offering, plus interest at the rate quoted on the original offering. You should only purchase brokered CDs if you plan on purchasing and holding the CD to full-term maturity, and if you can afford to pay income taxes each year on the interest.

    Highest Bank CD Rates and Certificate of Deposit explained

    The money is being invested instead. If you are considering zero-coupon CDs, you should make sure in advance you have enough funds available to cover the yearly taxes.